Gynecology Services

We want you smiling in every stage of your life, your well-being is our primary goal from adolescence till menopause.

Women’s well-being

Prevention is the best treatment.

We at Athens Reproduction are strong believers of preventive medicine. Every woman is an individual case for us and her annual checkup visit is not just a Pap test but a holistic approach to her needs and problems. We try to address all aspects of preventive medicine, be it vaccination , counseling and precautions according to her age.

Endometriosis experts

Founding members of Hellenic Endometriosis Society with vast experience in the treatment of Endometriosis we believe that surgery is not the only option but a multifactorial decision. A good surgeon is the one who knows when not to operate. In the case that surgery is really needed then it almost always done via the minimally invasive approach.

Minimally invasive surgery

Always searching for ways to be less invasive in our surgeries, we have been pioneers in minimally invasive surgery, introducing Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in the 80’s and practicing robotic surgery since 2002 having been certified by Intuitive Surgical in the Da Vinci surgical system . We embrace new technology in our field while trying to do as many cases via the vaginal approach which is still the least invasive route with the best post-operative course.

Gynecology Services

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