State of the art IVF unit

We are proud to be founding members of Institute of Life, one of the largest and most advanced Assisted Reproduction Centers in Europe.

Institute of Life

A group of doctors had a vision to create an Assisted reproduction center with the highest possible standards. IOL was created within the premises IASO, the largest maternity hospital in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. Under the supervision of the top independent consulting company for IVF centers, Embryo tools, we set our goals high without any compromises. The result speaks for itself, an exemplary unit with a friendly and humane environment for couples seeking fertility and a laboratory that incorporates all the latest technology and procedures, can easily explain our high pregnancy and satisfaction rates.

Quality Certified

We are the only ART unit in Greece that achieved the Temos Certification status. A neutral and independent certification body located in Germany that certifies medical facilities as competent and qualified to treat international patients. It focuses in medical tourism and helps patients who seek treatment abroad to make the right choice. Our unit meets the standards of ISO 9001 for quality and safety.


Our patients need to feel that they are in a safe environment. Located in the premises of IASO, the biggest maternity hospital in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe, gives our patients the sense of safety , knowing that a full spectrum of medical services are available to them , 24/7, if needed. Even in the rare case of a complication, it can be dealt with, in a proper and timely fashion, which might not be the case in out of hospital units.


We are one of the few units in Europe that have acquired the RI witness system. It uses RFID technology to track and record patient samples. This way it eliminates the possibility of human error in IVF labs. Our patients can rest assured that everything possible is done to achieve maximum security in treatment cycle.

Everything in the lab is under the constant supervision of OCTAX Log & GuardTM , the first monitoring and alarming system which has been specially designed to cover all the needs of assisted reproduction. This way we can be certain that the laboratory conditions are optimal all the time and any problem can be promptly identified and fixed.

How the RI Witness system ensures your sample security

1. Unique ID
Each couple is assigned with their unique personal code.

2. Samples Tagged
RI Witness ID tags are applied to all patient samples to be tracked through each step of the IVF process

3. Wireless Scans
Every work area in the lab detects wireless signals from these ID tags, ensuring a secure record.

4. Sample Confirmation
RI Witness confirms the identity of the samples and allows the embryologist to proceed to insemination.

5. System Checks
In the unlikely event that samples are misidentified, the system interrupts the process preventing any potential errors.

6. Female ID Check
The female patient’s ID card is automatically checked against the embryos prior to transfer.

Great Looking Results

All this investment pays off and our results are well above the average. Knowing that you are in a unit that maximizes your chances to achieve a pregnancy is the single most important factor and reassures our patients.

Find out more about our latest pregnancy rates on our results page.

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