Why should I choose Athens Reproduction for my fertility treatment?

US trained – Board certified physicians.

Our reproductive medicine specialists are trained in the US and Board certified.  They have spent many years caring for women in maternity hospitals in the US and helping couples in their journey to parenthood. They have vast experience in dealing with English speaking patients and providing healthcare at the highest level.

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State of the art IVF unit

We are proud to be founding members in one of the most advanced IVF units in Europe, Institute of Life.

An exemplary ART laboratory has been created in the premises of Iaso Maternity Hospital, in collaboration with Embryo tools, the top quality assurance and IVF laboratory consulting company, with significant contribution of Dr. Calderon and Nuno’s Costa-Borges.

We are the only ART unit in Greece that achieved the Temos Certification status. A neutral and independent certification body located in Germany that certifies medical facilities as competent and qualified to treat international patients. It focuses in medical tourism and helps patients who seek treatment abroad to make the right choice. Our unit meets the standards of ISO 9001 for quality and safety.

Excellent results

Our pregnancy rates are among the highest worldwide. Our results are certified by external auditing procedures and are measured by age group.

Success rates may reach up to 60% for certain age groups or even higher for Donor oocyte cycles.

At Athens Reproduction we believe that success cannot be measured only by numbers, we believe that success is mirrored by the overall satisfaction of the patient.

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Hospital Safety

Our patients need to feel that they are in a safe environment. Located in the premises of IASO, the biggest maternity hospital in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe, gives our patients a sense of safety , knowing that a full spectrum of medical services are available to them , 24/7, if needed. Even in the rare case of a complication, it can be dealt with in a proper and timely fashion, which might not be the case in out of hospital units.

One to one personal care

This is our best asset. We don’t want you to feel like just another patient.

Each couple is seen by one dedicated fertility specialist in every visit, from the initial consultation till the achievement of pregnancy. Having the same doctor following the couple in every visit, and being there in every step of the process develops a great and rewarding relationship. All the patients can have direct access to our doctors any time of the day and not to an answering service. Our team of doctors, nurses and personnel take pride in offering the patient the personal care that she deserves.

Our step by step process

Competitive pricing

Our goal is to offer every couple the possibility to achieve a pregnancy , that in several cases means being able to offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. According to ASRM the average cost of an IVF cycle in the US is 12.400$ and that is without the extra cost of medications (3000-5000$), which means that the total cost in many cases surpasses the amount of 20.000$. Because the same medications in Europe are significantly cheaper and medical services pricing is lower we are able to offer the same treatments at a significantly lower cost for you.

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The beauty of Greece

It can only help that Greece is a wonderful touristic destination. We are blessed with great weather, beautiful islands, beaches and historical monuments. Many couples combine their treatment with trips to the surrounding islands or tours of Athens. Special touristic packages can be arranged at very attractive prices if requested by you.

How does it work?

1. Initial consultation via Skype

This can be arranged with our international patient coordinator so you can talk with one of our doctors.  In the session the doctor will ask you several questions about your medical history and he will advise you on the most appropriate next step. Subsequently he will explain in great detail the whole process or any other questions that you might have.

2. Arrange all appropriate documents and paperwork

The international patient coordinator will give you exact directions as to what documents and tests are needed prior to your visit .

3. Duration of fertility treatment

In the case of IVF the ovulation induction phase lasts 12-15days and the embryo transfer takes place 2-5days later. On average the duration is 2weeks for the whole process. Some couples prefer to have the initial follow up (sonograms and lab tests) in their country of origin and only come to our center in the latter part of the treatment, thus minimizing their stay in Greece.

4. Frequency of visits

Usually you have to do 3-4 visits before the oocyte retrieval day. During these visits you will see the same fertility specialist and  will have an ultrasound and possibly some lab tests. In between the visits you can have a regular life with minimal precautions, organize trips to the neighbouring islands or do some sightseeing in Athens.

5. Post treatment follow up

After the fertility treatment , you can travel back home. The doctor will give special instructions and precautions and in 10-14 days you will have a pregnancy test.
Hopefully the results will be positive and you will leave not only with a fondly remembered trip to Greece but with the best possible present of your life.

6. Answering your questions?

There is 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week. You can reach us via email, or telephone in case you have any questions that need direct attention. Our doctors will help with anything you might need.

Price List (in Euros)

Service Price
Initial office consultation Free
Transvaginal ultrasound Free
Endocrine Assay Free
Psychological Counseling Free
Semen Analysis – SA/ASA 160
IUI Cycle 250
IVF Cycle (includes follicular monitoring by ultrasound, endocrines assays, oocyte (egg) retrieval, anesthesia for oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer, culture of oocytes and sperm preparation,
(medications not included)
IVF Cycle Medications 1.000 – 2.000
Embryo Biopsy for Aneuploidy or Single Gene Defect 1.250
Embryo Cryopreservation Fee (includes 1 year storage) 500
Oocyte (Egg) Cryopreservation (includes 1 year storage) 500
Donor Egg Cycle 4.000 – 6.000
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycle 500
Egg Cryopreservation Cycle (Medications not included) 800

*Please note that the estimated fees are subject to change. Price as of September 30th 2016.

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Our initial consultation is free for all new international patients.

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