Reproduction and Fertility Services

Infertility has many causes, fortunately we have a whole range of specialised techniques to treat almost all of them.

Fertility evaluation

Proper evaluation is essential in order to counsel our patients and give them the right direction towards the correct fertility treatment.  Sometimes an in depth evaluation can lead to easily correctable causes of infertility, thus avoiding complex procedures to achieve pregnancy. IVF is not the easy solution to everything but our last resort in fertility treatments.

It is not uncommon for a patient to have undergone several unsuccessful IVF cycles and then go on to achieve a pregnancy with Athens Reproduction after correct identification of the infertility cause and correct treatment.

At your first visit you will have a meticulous consultation and our specialists will create a personal –customized plan of care and identify test and exams best suited to your particular problem. Please bring your previous complete medical record and a hysterosalpingogram (if you already have one) or details from previous IVF attempts.

For a free initial consultation with our physicians simply call Athens Reproduction main number +30 210 6777 900 in order to schedule an appointment or skype session.

Assisted reproduction

We have been at the cutting edge of assisted reproduction for over 30 years and founding members of the recently renovated Assisted Reproduction unit: Institute of Life, one of the best IVF units in Europe.

An exemplary ART laboratory has been created in the premises of Iaso Maternity Hospital according to the strictest regulations under the supervision of “Embryo tools”, the top IVF laboratory consulting company worldwide.  The result is a centre with a friendly and humane environment for couples seeking fertility assistance and a laboratory that incorporates all the latest technology like air filtering with real time monitoring (OCtax), electronic tracking of patient samples (RI witness), video monitoring of embryos (embryoscope), the best incubators in the market and many more.

Our unit is ISO certified and the only unit in Greece to achieve Temos certification.

Your doctors at Athens reproduction are fully trained in the US, board certified and with vast experience in assisted reproduction. Together with the nursing staff and embryologists are responsible for the excellent results not only in numbers but in personalized patient care.

How can I extend my fertility?

Male fertility preservation has been available for many years with excellent results.

Female fertility preservation has become possible with the latest cryopreservation techniques over the last years giving hope to many women around the world who want to postpone their fertility either for medical or social reasons.

We have excellent results in fertility preservation and several babies have been born with this safe method of postponing parenthood.

Learn more about your possibilities in preserving your fertility for future years to come

Reproductive endocrinology

Our reproductive endocrinologist can provide you with proper counseling concerning many common problems like polycystic ovary syndrome, hypertrichosis, and menstrual irregularities to the more rare like premature puberty, premature menopause or hermaphroditism or uterine anomalies.

Our Reproduction and Fertility Services

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